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Flying In Iran :
Iran is the aviation enthusiast’s dream. Full of aircraft in regular passenger service that are scarcely seen elsewhere, airlines that are otherwise never heard of, and airfares that are cheaper than busses in the western world.
The B707 in service with SAHA Air is definitely a highlight, being the last regularly flown B707 in revenue passenger service. However, even in the living aviation graveyard of Iran, its days are said to be numbered, so if you’re thinking of travelling to Iran, make those plans now! Iran is also the place to fly B727s, TU154s and older A300s and A310s.
But just flying the 707 isn’t everything. The views both of the city of Tehran and the natural features around Iran as seen from the aircraft are breathtaking. A seat on a left-hand window flying Tehran-Mashad, for example, yields the most incredible mountain scenery. A clear day landing in Tehran is another sight entirely, as is the vast expanse of desert to the south.
Getting To & From Iran :
There are a surprising amount of options to fly into Iran. If you want a major international carrier, quite a few offer flights to Tehran, such as Lufthansa, Turkish Airlines, Emirates, and Qatar Airways, to name a few.
Iran Air also has flights from many international destinations—if coming from Asia, taking their one and only remaining B747SP from Beijing is an attractive way to go. Most of their flights to and from Europe are operated by A310-300 equipment
Mahan Air is also a growing international carrier—currently their A310 and A300 operate from Manchester, Birmingham and Dusseldorf in Europe and Bangkok, Manila and Shanghai in Asia. Their Indian flights are operated by A320 or sometimes TU204.
By far the easiest point of entry is Dubai, with heaps of options not only to Tehran but also the larger regional centres. There are also some mouth-watering choices of aircraft and airlines.
Some Approximate Domestic Flight Rates :
  • Tehran-Mashhad : 150 USD
  • Tehran-Shiraz : 120 USD
  • Tehran-Isfahan : 120 USD
  • Tehran-Kish Island : 200 USD
  • Tehran-Tabriz : 80 USD
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