About Diba- Manager Introduction
Some Words from our head manager :
When we started Diba Tour and Travel Agency 30 years ago, we dreamed of being able to offer the most inspiring experiences inside Iran and all around the world. We understood that travel should be amazing, exciting, intriguing, full of discovery and memorable. During our 30 years of work in the tourism of Iran we reached the official title of The Leaders for providing the whole range of tourism related services including domestic and outbound ticketing, very powerful and comprehensive outgoing tour operation board with more than 60 destinations around the globe and incoming ground handler in the fields of historical attractions, eco-cultural and nature-based tour operation.
Decades of experience as well as having superior and qualified staff are key factors for the success of tourism bodies affiliated to Diba Tour and Travel Agency. Many tourists do not really see the country they visit, but with our local guides on the ground, Diba can provide you with exclusive insider access to experiences that is unique in Iran. We introduce you to the 'real' country and its people, to whom hospitality is legendarily in their blood and is considered the prime virtues, that’s why they treat you as an individual not just one member of a group. At Diba Tour and Travel Agency we understand that the difference between a tour and an experience is the quality, enthusiasm and knowledge of the guide. Our well-educated guides have a wide range of backgrounds, interests and specialties. They might be teachers or professors, photographers, botanists, zoologists, engineers or historians, but what they all have in common is a commitment to delivering a unique and memorable experience.
So, whether you want a tour of the historical monuments with your own archeologist or like to try your time in deserts of Iran or simply visit the most classical attractions in Esfehan and Shiraz or professionally looking to record birds and wildlife in Iran, our experts will know just how to make it happen. We are the partner of preference choice for many hotels and resorts, our clients are guaranteed to receive the best service available.
This combination of expertise and discoveries create truly inspiring travel experiences – something we like to call the Diba difference.
Wishing you have a great and safe journey
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