About Iran - Souvenirs
Souvenirs From All Around Iran :
Iranian souvenir is varied in different regions with so many different types from food and drink to clothing or handicrafts. Here's a most important of all:
East Azarbayjan :
East Azarbayjan is reputed for its handicrafts in Iran namely a variety of carpets, rugs, Kilims , Jajeem , satchels, shawls, earthenware, ceramic vessels, baskets, wooden articles, materials woven out of silk or wool, embroidered fabrics, crochet articles, towels, blankets, local shoes, silverware and jewelry. Nuts and dry fruits are also important items of this area and are highly favored everywhere.
West Azarbayjan :
A variety of handicrafts are available as souvenirs. These are carpets, rugs, Kilims, Jajeem or loosely woven woolen cloths, wooden articles, leather work, woven articles, baskets and a variety of sweets.
Isfahan :
Isfahan is famous for its delicate and beautiful handicrafts, the most important of which are inlaid work engravings, woodwork, filigree work, carpets and miniatures. Local sweets, especially Gaz are very delicious and well known through Iran.
Khorassan :
The important and various types of Khorassan handicrafts are: Carpet weaving, silk production, She'rbafi, Felt carpet, Wool making, sculptured work on stone, Turquoise stone, ceramic work and Pipe weaving. Other handmade articles are: Kilim, Giveh, Charoq, Wooden and Metal products, Paintings on leather, etc.
Chahar Mahal Va Bakhtiyari :
Different kinds of handicrafts and souvenirs of Chahar Mahal Va Bakhtiyari province are as follows: the famous Chalshotori carpet, tribal carpets and rugs, Chukha, felt, Giveh or a type of local foot ware, Khorjeen or Saddlebags, Jajeem, Kilim, satchels, table cloths and salt cellars and Gaz.
Introducing Iranian Souvenirs
  • Weaving works like Persian(Iranian) Carpet, Kilims and Rugs
  • Textile works like Persian block printing Ghalamkar
  • Wood works like Inlay Work Intarsia (Khatam), Mosaic works and Muarraq
  • Stone and Mosaic
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